Cardiovascular Diabetology's 15th Anniversary

Nowadays, it is widely accepted in the scientific community that there is a striking and even overlapping, interrelationship between heart diseases and alterations in glucose metabolism; particularly in pre-diabetes, diabetes and the metabolic syndrome. Based on 20 years of surveillance, the well-known Framingham Heart Study reported a two- to threefold increase in the incidence of cardiovascular disease and stroke in diabetic patients, compared to their non-diabetic counterparts. Furthermore, the American Heart Association officially stated in 1999 that "diabetes is a cardiovascular disease equivalent".  Indeed, diabetes and atherosclerosis share many genetic and environmental antecedents, namely the so-called “common soil”.

In this context, professors Alexander Tenenbaum and Enrique Fisman conceived in 2001 the idea of creating a scientific journal specifically dedicated to this issue.  Following their initiative, the journal Cardiovascular Diabetology was launched in April 2002 with the enthusiastic support of BioMed Central (now a part of Springer Nature). Since then, Cardiovascular Diabetology has been growing rapidly, and fortunately became a prestigious international journal that has published more than 1250 scientific articles - some of them representing a major breakthrough in their particular fields. The journal is privileged to have a high-status Editorial Board, a rigorous peer review policy, a multidisciplinary audience, high visibility and ample global exposure. 

We are now celebrating the journal’s 15 year anniversary and are looking forward to future advancements. April 2002 may also be considered as the official "birthday" of a novel medical area - cardiovascular diabetology - a discipline specifically dedicated to fight against cardio-diabetes and metabolism-related cardiovascular diseases.  On this occasion, Cardiovascular Diabetology would like to express its gratitude to the worldwide recognized scientists on its Editorial Board, the authors, the publisher’s staff, the reviewers and the readership for their continuous backing and assistance.
We believe that the rapid progress of cardiovascular diabetology will lead to even more impressive achievements in both basic and clinical science, which will be reflected in improved public health.

The future looks encouraging.

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