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Coronavirus research collection

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To help keep our readers up-to-date on research and analysis related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have created this collection of articles and other resources published in Cardiovascular Diabetology. New articles will be added on a monthly basis.

The management of type 2 diabetes before, during and after Covid‑19 infection: what is the evidence?
Leszek Czupryniak, Dror Dicker, Roger Lehmann, Martin Prázný, Guntram Schernthaner
Commentary  |   Published: 1 October 2021

Efficacy and safety of direct-acting oral anticoagulants compared to vitamin K antagonists in COVID-19 outpatients with cardiometabolic diseases
José Miguel Rivera-Caravaca, Stephanie L. Harrison, Benjamin J. R. Buckley, Elnara Fazio-Eynullayeva, Paula Underhill, Francisco Marín, Gregory Y. H. Lip
Original investigation  |   Published: 4 September 2021

Persistent clotting protein pathology in Long COVID/Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC) is accompanied by increased levels of antiplasmin
Etheresia Pretorius, Mare Vlok, Chantelle Venter, Johannes A. Bezuidenhout, Gert Jacobus Laubscher, Janami Steenkamp, Douglas B. Kell 
Original investigation  |   Published: 23 August 2021

Cardiac adipose tissue volume and IL-6 level at admission are complementary predictors of severity and short-term mortality in COVID-19 diabetic patients
Franck Phan, Samia Boussouar, Olivier Lucidarme, Mohamed Zarai, Joe-Elie Salem, Nadjia Kachenoura, Khaoula Bouazizi, Etienne Charpentier, Yasmine Niati, Hasnae Bekkaoui, Zahir Amoura, Alexis Mathian, Olivier Benveniste, 
Patrice Cacoub, Yves Allenbach, David Saadoun, Jean-Marc Lacorte, Salma Fourati, Suzanne Laroche, Agnes Hartemann, Olivier Bourron, Fabrizio Andreelli, Alban Redheuil, COVID-19 APHP.SU Group

Original investigation  |   Published: 12 August 2021

Epicardial adipose tissue and severe Coronavirus Disease 19
Hélène Bihan, Richard Heidar, Aude Beloeuvre, Lucie Allard, Elise Ouedraogo, Sopio Tatulashvili, Yacine Tandjaoui, Stephane Gaudry, Pierre-Yves Brillet, Emmanuel Cosson 
Original investigation  |   Published: 20 July 2021

Statins and clinical outcomes in hospitalized COVID-19 patients with and without Diabetes Mellitus: a retrospective cohort study with propensity score matching
Prateek Lohia, Shweta Kapur, Sindhuri Benjaram, Zachary Cantor, Navid Mahabadi, Tanveer Mir, M. Safwan Badr
Original investigation  |   Published: 10 July 2021

Metabolic syndrome and the plasma proteome: from association to causation
Mohamed A. Elhadad, Rory Wilson, Shaza B. Zaghlool, Cornelia Huth, Christian Gieger, Harald Grallert, Johannes Graumann, Wolfgang Rathmann
Original investigation  |   Published: 20 May 2021

Rethinking pioglitazone as a cardioprotective agent: a new perspective on an overlooked drug
Lorenzo Nesti, Domenico Tricò, Alessandro Mengozzi, Andrea Natali
Review  |   Published: 18 May 2021

Glycated ACE2 receptor in diabetes: open door for SARS-COV-2 entry in cardiomyocyte
Nunzia D’Onofrio, Lucia Scisciola, Celestino Sardu, Maria Consiglia Trotta, Marisa De Feo, Ciro Maiello, Pasquale Mascolo, Francesco De Micco
Original investigation  |   Published: 7 May 2021

Expression of the SARS-CoV-2 receptorACE2 in human heart is associated with uncontrolled diabetes, obesity, and activation of the renin angiotensin system
Michal Herman-Edelstein, Tali Guetta, Amir Barnea, Maayan Waldman, Naomi Ben-Dor, Yaron Barak, Ran Kornowski, Michael Arad
Original investigation  |   Published: 27 April 2021

PAR-4/Ca2+-calpain pathway activation stimulates platelet-derived microparticles in hyperglycemic type 2 diabetes
Alessandra Giannella, Giulio Ceolotto, Claudia Maria Radu, Arianna Cattelan, Elisabetta Iori, Andrea Benetti, Fabrizio Fabris, Paolo Simioni
Original investigation  |   Published: 3 April 2021

Report from the CVOT Summit 2020: new cardiovascular and renal outcomes
Oliver Schnell, Xavier Cos, Francesco Cosentino, Thomas Forst, Francesco Giorgino, Hiddo J. L. Heersprink, Mikhail Kosiborod, Christoph Wanner
Commentary  |   Published: 31 March 2021

Impact of diabetes in patients waiting for invasive cardiac procedures during COVID-19 pandemic
Raúl Moreno, José-Luis Díez, José-Antonio Diarte, Pablo Salinas, José María de la Torre Hernández, Juan F. Andres-Cordón, Ramiro Trillo, Juan Alonso Briales
Original investigation  |   Published: 23 March 2021

Cumulative burden of metabolic syndrome and its components on the risk of atrial fibrillation: a nationwide population-based study
Hyo-Jeong Ahn, Kyung-Do Han, Eue-Keun Choi, Jin-Hyung Jung, Soonil Kwon, So-Ryoung Lee, Seil Oh, Gregory Y. H. Lip
Original investigation  |   Published: 19 January 2021

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