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Figure 1

From: Endothelial cell injury by high glucose and heparanase is prevented by insulin, heparin and basic fibroblast growth factor

Figure 1

PAECs Injured by High Glucose were Protected by a Combination of Heparin and Insulin. PAECs were exposed to glucose (30 mM), insulin (1 U/ml), heparin (0.5 μ g/ml) and glucose plus heparin plus insulin for seven days. Cell medium was changed and fresh reagents were added every other day. Cells were counted and LDH release in medium was determined 48 hrs after the last addition of reagents. Results are expressed as mean +/- SE of three dishes per group. Significantly different than a, control; b, glucose; c, glucose+heparin+insulin (P < 0.01) (one-way ANOVA).

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