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Table 4 Reclassification and discrimination statistics for predicting cardiovascular disease by adding baseline and variability of TyG index

From: Triglyceride-glucose index variability and incident cardiovascular disease: a prospective cohort study

  C statistics, % P value Continuous NRI, %
Estimate (95% CI) Estimate (95% CI)
Clinical modela 73.56 (72.65–74.48) Reference Reference
 + Baseline TyG index 73.67 (72.76–74.58) 0.069 9.48 (5.56–13.58)
 + Baseline TyG index and variability 73.70 (72.79–74.61) 0.044 10.87 (6.89–15.27)
  1. TyG triglyceride-glucose, NRI net reclassification improvement, CI confidence interval
  2. aClinical risk model included age, sex, education, income, current smoking, current drinking, physical activity, body mass index, diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney disease, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, hypercholesterolaemia, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and high-density lipoprotein cholesterol