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Table 2 The composite renal outcome in CVOTs

From: The effect of DPP-4 inhibitors, GLP-1 receptor agonists and SGLT-2 inhibitors on cardiorenal outcomes: a network meta-analysis of 23 CVOTs

SAVOR-TIMI 53 Doubling of creatinine level, initiation of dialysis, renal transplantation, or creatinine > 6.0 mg/dl
EXAMINE Renal dialysis
TECOS Renal failure
CARMELINA End stage renal disease, death due to kidney failure, or sustained decrease of ≥ 40% in eGFR from baseline
ELIXA* Doubling of serum creatinine
LEADER New onset, persistent macroalbuminuria, persistent doubling of serum creatinine along with an eGRF < 45 ml/min/1.73 m2, need of renal-replacement therapy or death from kidney disease
SUSTAIN-6 Persistent macroalbuminuria, persistent doubling of serum creatinine along with a creatinine clearance < 45 ml/min/1.73 m2, need of continuous renal-replacement therapy
EXSCEL New-onset macroalbuminuria, 40% reduction of eGFR, initiation of renal replacement therapy, and death from renal causes
HARMONY Change in eGFR, worsening renal function (safety outcomes)
REWIND New-onset macroalbuminuria (UACR > 33.9 mg/mmol), ≥ 30% decline in eGRF, or new renal replacement therapy comprising dialysis or renal transplantation
PIONEER 6 Not reported
AMPLITUDE-O A decrease in the eGFR of ≥ 40% for ≥ 30 days, end-stage kidney disease (defined as dialysis for ≥ 90 days, kidney transplantation, or an eGFR of < 15 ml per minute per 1.73 m2 for ≥ 30 days), or death from any cause
EMPA-REG A doubling of the serum creatinine level, the initiation of renal-replacement therapy, or death from renal disease
CANVAS  ≥ 40% reduction in eGFR, renal-replacement therapy, or renal death
DECLARE  ≥ 40% decrease in eGFR to < 60 ml/min/1.73 m2, ESRD, or death from renal cause
DAPA-HF  ≥ 50% sustained decline eGFR or end-stage renal disease or renal death
CREDENCE End-stage kidney disease, doubling of serum creatinine level, or renal death
VERTIS-CV Death from renal causes, renal replacement therapy, or doubling of the serum creatinine level
DAPA-CKD Sustained decline in the estimated GFR of at least 50%, end-stage kidney disease, or death from renal causes
EMPEROR-R Chronic dialysis or renal transplantation or a profound, sustained reduction in the estimated GFR
SCORED First occurrence of a sustained decrease of ≥ 50% in the eGFR from baseline for ≥ 30 days, long-term dialysis, renal transplantation, or sustained eGFR of < 15 ml/min/1.73 m2 for ≥ 30 days
SOLOIST-WHF Not reported
EMPEROR-P The rate of decline in the eGFR during double-blind treatment
  1. *As indicated in a post-hoc analysis (Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol. 2018;6:859–869)