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Table 2 Studies included in comparisons. (a) 1 LVEF 44 trails, (b) LVEDD 8 trails, (c) LVESD 6 trails, (d) LVEDV 17 trails, (e) LVESV 15 trails, (f) LVMI 15 trails, (g) E/e′ 11 trails, (h) e′ 5 trails, (i) E/A 14 trails included

From: Effects of antidiabetic drugs on left ventricular function/dysfunction: a systematic review and network meta-analysis

TreatmentNo. of trialsTotal no. of patients
a) LVEF 44 trails
 DPP-4 inhibitor9421
 GLP-1 agonist24991
 SGLT-2 inhibitor353
b) LVEDD 8 trails
 DPP-4 inhibitor2126
 GLP-1 agonist4399
 SGLT-2 inhibitor121
c) LVESD 6 trails
 DPP-4 inhibitor155
 GLP-1 agonist3369
 SGLT-2 inhibitor121
d) LVEDV 17 trails
 DPP-4 inhibitor2163
 GLP-1 agonist11621
 SGLT-2 inhibitor117
e) LVESV 15 trails
 DPP-4 inhibitor192
 GLP-1 agonist11621
f) LVMI 15 trails
 DPP-4 inhibitor5162
 GLP-1 agonist592
g) E/e′ 11 trails
 DPP-4 inhibitor372
 GLP-1 agonist6226
 SGLT-2 inhibitor121
h) e′ 5 trails
 DPP-4 inhibitor240
 GLP-1 agonist1122
i) E/A 14 trails
 DPP-4 inhibitor482
 GLP-1 agonist8200
 SGLT-2 inhibitor121
  1. e′ early diastolic velocity, E/e′ mitral inflow E velocity to tissue Doppler e′ ratio, E/A early diastolic to late diastolic velocities ratio, DPP-4 dipeptidyl peptidase-4; GLP-1 glucagon-like peptide-1, MET metformin, SGLT-2 sodium glucose cotransporter type 2, SU sulfonylurea, TZDs thiazolidinediones