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Table 2 MiRNA regulation during obesity, their function in the cardiovascular system and their potential targets in endothelial cells (SIRT1)

From: MicroRNAs and obesity-induced endothelial dysfunction: key paradigms in molecular therapy

miRNA Up/downregulation (obesity) Refs. Function Refs. Target Refs.
miR-204 Up [91] EC dysfunction [91] SIRT1 [91]
miR-217 Up [101] Premature cell senescence [98] SIRT1 [98]
miR-34a Up [100] Premature cell senescence [99] SIRT1 [100]
miR-149 Down [103, 105] Regression of atherosclerotic lesions [104] SIRT1 [103]
miR-132 Up [106,107,108] Macrophage infiltration in ECs [106,107,108] SIRT1 [106]