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Table 2 Correlation of sST2 with metabolic parameters before and after surgery in the entire cohort

From: The pro-inflammatory marker soluble suppression of tumorigenicity-2 (ST2) is reduced especially in diabetic morbidly obese patients undergoing bariatric surgery

 sST2 before surgerysST2 after surgery
r valueP valuer valueP value
Total cholesterol0.44< 0.0001< 0.3n.s.
Triglyceride0.42< 0.0001< 0.3n.s.
Total LDL0.360.001< 0.3n.s.
Small dense LDL0.380.0006< 0.3n.s.
Apolipoprotein B0.44< 0.0001< 0.3n.s.
Small dense HDL0.350.002< 0.3n.s.
Total HDL< 0.3n.s.< 0.3n.s.
Apolipoprotein A1< 0.3n.s.< 0.3n.s.
Leptin− 0.310.006− 0.340.006
Glucose< 0.3n.s.< 0.3n.s.
HbA1c< 0.3n.s.  
BMI< 0.3n.s.< 0.3n.s.
Weight< 0.3n.s.< 0.3n.s.
Waist circumference< 0.3n.s.< 0.3n.s.
hsCRP< 0.3n.s.< 0.3n.s.
hsIL-6< 0.3n.s.0.320.01
  1. LDL low density lipoproteins, HDL high density lipoproteins, GPT alanin-aminotransferase, GOT aspartat-aminotransferase, GGT gamma-glutamyl-transferase, HbA1c glycated hemoglobin, BMI body mass index, hsCRP high-sensitive C-reactive protein, hsIL-6 high-sensitive interleukin-6