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Table 3 Multiple regression analysis for the association of E/e′ after administration of dapagliflozin

From: Positive effect of dapagliflozin on left ventricular longitudinal function for type 2 diabetic mellitus patients with chronic heart failure

Independent variablesCoefficientStandard errorT valuep value
Body mass index− 0.061.917− 0.0350.973
Systolic blood pressure− 0.7100.604− 1.1740.254
Heart rate0.3210.8460.3800.708
HbA1c− 7.74816.254− 0.4770.639
LV end-systolic volume− 0.1320.433− 0.3060.763
E/e′− 1.6890.863− 1.9580.06
ΔBody mass index4.0973.0981.3220.201
ΔSystolic blood pressure0.2500.393− 1.3280.199
ΔHbA1c− 2.3961.805− 1.3280.199
ΔGLS− 1.5620.720− 2.1690.041
  1. ΔHbA1c a relative change in HbA1c 6 months after administration of dapagliflozin, ΔGLS a relative change in GLS 6 months after administration of dapagliflozin, ΔLVMI a relative change in LVMI 6 months after administration of dapagliflozin. Other abbreviations as in Table 1