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Fig. 3

From: GLP-1 analog liraglutide-induced cardiac dysfunction due to energetic starvation in heart failure with non-diabetic dilated cardiomyopathy

Fig. 3

Respiratory gas was analyzed every 2 min in 32-week-old hamsters for 2 days. Average values in light and dark phases are shown in the graph [open bar: light phase, closed bar: dark phase (n = 6 in each group)]. a Energy expenditure and b RQ tended to be upregulated in the compensated period of heart failure. Liraglutide administration emphasized energy expenditure and RQ upregulation in hamsters with heart failure, indicating increased dependency on carbohydrate as an energy substrate during liraglutide administration. c VO2/BW, d CHO consumption, and e FAT consumption in J2N-n hamsters (normal hamsters), J2N-k hamsters with/without administration of high-dose liraglutide. RQ respiratory quotient, VO2 oxygen consumption, CHO carbohydrate, FAT fat

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