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Fig. 4 | Cardiovascular Diabetology

Fig. 4

From: Ipragliflozin-induced adipose expansion inhibits cuff-induced vascular remodeling in mice

Fig. 4

Perivascular implantation of adipose tissue from Ipra-treated mice suppresses cuff-induced neointimal hyperplasia and vascular remodeling in ApoE-knockout mice. a Gene expression of Ccl2, Emr1 and Fabp4 in implanted Epi after 4 weeks of implantation. b Representative pictures of EVG staining, and quantitative data of intima and media area in femoral arteries of ApoE-knockout mice 4 weeks after surgery. c F4/80 and d α-SMA immunostaining, and e Masson-Trichrome staining. EVG Elastica-van Gieson, SMA smooth muscle actin. Original magnification, ×200. #p < 0.05 vs WD. n = 7

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