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Table 2 Risk of bias assessment included in the meta-analysis

From: Relationship between frailty and mortality, hospitalization, and cardiovascular diseases in diabetes: a systematic review and meta-analysis

No. Reference Selection of participants Confounding variables Measurement of exposure Blinding of outcome assessment Incomplete outcome date Selective outcome reporting
1 Cacciatore et al. [25] L L L L U L
2 Wang et al. [26] L L L L U L
3 Li et al. [27] L L H L U L
4 Castro-Rodriguez et al. [28] L L L L L L
5 Chode et al. [29] L H H L L L
6 Liccini et al. [30] L L H L H L
7 Chao et al. [31] L L H L U L
8 Li et al. [32] L L H L L L
  1. L, low risk of bias; U, unclear risk of bias; H, high risk of bias