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Table 1 Role of adipokines in atherosclerosis

From: Perivascular adipose tissue (PVAT) in atherosclerosis: a double-edged sword

Adipocytokines Role Function References
Adiponectin Protective Improve endothelial dysfunction
Modulate immune response
Promote cholesterol efflux
Polarization of macrophages
AMPK agonist
Vaspin Protective Inhibit ros generation [90]
Apelin Protective Enhance cholesterol efflux [91]
Ometin-1 Protective Reduce activation of inflammatory macrophages [92]
Leptin Detrimental Promote endothelial dysfunction
Promote macrophage infiltration
VSMCS proliferation
Resistin Detrimental Promote endothelial dysfunction
Facilitate macrophage recruitment
Chemerin Detrimental Promote endothelial dysfunction
Promote leukocyte recruitment
Visfatin Detrimental VSMCS proliferation
Macrophage maturation
Polarization of macrophages
FABP Detrimental Activate inflammatory macrophages [116]
LCN-2 Detrimental Activate inflammatory macrophages [116]