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Table 1 List of some selected miR candidates involved in the progression of DCM

From: Molecular mechanism of diabetic cardiomyopathy and modulation of microRNA function by synthetic oligonucleotides

Sl no miRs Expression pattern Regulatory genes Pathophysiological role Expression pattern Expression sight References
1 miR-1 Downregulation
GATA4, NRVMs, ET1, ISO, Pim-1
Cardiac hypertrophy, apoptosis, heart failure, arrhythmia, oxidative stress Cardiac and skeletal muscle Transgenic mice with AKt overexpression, exercise-induced hypertrophy model in rats (neonatal rat ventricular cardiomyocytes), hypertrophic human atria and ventricles, STZ-diabetic mice, HG-exposed rat cardiomyocytes [150]
[78, 152]
2 miR-1/206 Upregulation Pim-1, Hsp60 Cardiac apoptosis Cardiac muscle STZ-diabetic rat and mouse heart [281]
3 miR-9 Downregulation ELAVL1 Cardiac structural damage Cardiac muscle Human diabetic heart IHVC [123]
4 miR-133a Downregulation SGK1, IGF-1R, TGF-β1 Cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis Cardiac and skeletal muscle STZ-diabetic mouse heart [145, 148]
5 miR-21 Upregulation DUSP8 Cardiac fibrosis Cardiac muscle High glucose induced primary NRCFs [153]
6 miR-29 Upregulation MCL-1 Cardiac structural damage Cardiac muscle ZDF rat heart [282]
7 miR-34a Upregulation BCL-2, SIRT-1 Cardiac apoptosis Cardiac muscle H9c2 cells [26, 108]
8 miR-30d Upregulation FOXO-3a Cardiac pyroptosis Cardiac muscle HFD induced rat heart [121]
9 miR-195 Upregulation SIRT-1, BCL-2 Cardiac apoptosis Cardiac muscle Db/db mice, CEC, STZ- diabetic mouse [90]
10 miR-141 Upregulation Slc25a3 Mitochondrial dysfunction Cardiac muscle STZ-diabetic mouse [161]
11 miR-144 Downregulation Nrf2 Cardiac apoptosis and oxidative stress Cardiac muscle, hematopoietic cells, vein, spleen, thyroid STZ-diabetic mouse, high glucose treated cardiomyocyte [115]
12 miR-208a Upregulation GATA4, Thrap-1 Cardiac hypertrophy Cardiac muscle STZ-diabetic mouse [78, 283]
13 miR-320 Upregulation VEGF-c, IGF-1, IGF-1R, FLK-1 Cardiac apoptosis Cardiac muscle Human Right atrial appendage tissue, GK rat cardiomyocyte, MVEC [81,82,83,84]
14 miR-373 Downregulation MEF2c Cardiac hypertrophy and oxidative stress Cardiac muscle High glucose induce neonatal rat ventricular cardiomyocytes, STZ- diabetic mouse heart [150, 151]
15 miR-483-3p Upregulation IGF-1, BCL-2 Cardiac apoptosis Cardiac muscle, pancreatic-βcells and adipose tissue H9c2 cells, STZ-diabetic mouse heart [119]
16 miR-451 Upregulation CAB-39 Cardiac hypertrophy Cardiac muscle HFD induced mouse heart [142]
17 miR-378 Downregulation
IGF-1R Cardiac hypertrophy
Cardiac apoptosis
Cardiac muscle and muscle tissues Rat cardiomyocytes
STZ-diabetic mouse heart
[116, 118, 284]
  1. STZ, streptozotocin; HG, high glucose; IHVC, immortalized human ventricular cardiomyocytes; NRCF, neonatal rat cardiac fibroblast; ZFD, zucker diabetic fatty rat; HFD, high fat diet; GK, Goto–Kakizaki; CEC, cardiac endothelial cells; MVEC, micro vascular endothelial cells