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Fig. 1

From: Westernization of lifestyle affects quantitative and qualitative changes in adiponectin

Fig. 1

Insulin response to oral glucose load and insulin resistance in native Japanese and Japanese–Americans. Serum IRI levels during OGTT in native Japanese (a) and Japanese–Americans (b). The NGT group is indicated by dots and solid lines, the IGT group as triangles and bold dotted line, and the DM group as squares and thin dotted line. *P < 0.05 compared with NGT group. Summary of OGTTAUC IRI values (c) and Matsuda index (d) by glucose tolerance status between native Japanese and Japanese–Americans. The line in the middle of the box indicates the median value; the box extends from the 25th–75th percentiles. IRI immunoreactive insulin, OGTT AUC IRI area under the curve for serum IRI during OGTT, NJ native Japanese, J–A Japanese–Americans, NGT normal glucose tolerance, IGT impaired glucose tolerance, DM diabetes mellitus

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