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Fig. 4

From: Advanced glycation end products induce brain-derived neurotrophic factor release from human platelets through the Src-family kinase activation

Fig. 4

PP2 completely inhibited AGE-induced BDNF release from platelets. Platelets (1 × 108 cells/tube) were pretreated with or without 10 μM PP2 for 5 min, then 100 μg/ml AGE was added to the samples for 5 min. Data were presented as the ratio of released BDNF/(released BDNF + BDNF content) (mean ± SEM). Statistical analyses were performed by SPSS two-way ANOVA with post hoc test. White bars control (0.1% BSA), black bars AGE (100 μg/ml). In this figure, an interaction between AGE-PP2 was not detected. *p < 0.05 for indicated comparisons

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