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Fig. 4 | Cardiovascular Diabetology

Fig. 4

From: Empagliflozin lessened cardiac injury and reduced visceral adipocyte hypertrophy in prediabetic rats with metabolic syndrome

Fig. 4

Effect of long-term (10 weeks) empagliflozin treatment on epididymal adipocyte size (a, c) and subcutaneous adipocyte size (b, d) of SHRcp. Control SHRcp fed control diet; SGLT2, SHRcp fed control diet containing empagliflozin; UGE urinary glucose excretion; NS not significant. Values are mean ± SEM n = 9 in control, n = 9 in SGLT2. In a and b, statistical analysis was performed by unpaired Student’s t test. In c and d, statistical analysis was performed by two-factor ANOVA with repeated measures followed by post hoc uncorrected Fisher’s LSD multiple comparisons test

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