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Table 2 FDA custom MACE end point

From: Cardiovascular safety of linagliptin in type 2 diabetes: a comprehensive patient-level pooled analysis of prospectively adjudicated cardiovascular events

The following MedDRA preferred terms (version 15.0) are included in the FDA custom MACE end point:
Myocardial infarction terms Stroke terms
Myocardial Infarction terms Basilar artery thrombosis
Acute myocardial infarction Brain stem infarction
Coronary artery thrombosis Brain stem stroke
Myocardial infarction Brain stem thrombosis
Papillary muscle infarction Carotid arterial embolus
Postprocedural myocardial infarction Carotid artery thrombosis
Silent myocardial infarction Cerebellar infarction
  Cerebral artery embolism
  Cerebral artery thrombosis
  Embolic stroke
  Haemorrhagic cerebral infarction
  Haemorrhagic stroke
  Haemorrhagic transformation stroke
  Ischaemic cerebral infarction
  Ischaemic stroke
  Lacunar infarction
  Lateral medullary syndrome
  Moyamoya disease
  Postprocedural stroke
  Stroke in evolution
  Thalamic infarction
  Thrombotic cerebral infarction
  Thrombotic stroke
  Wallenberg syndrome
  1. FDA, Food and Drug Administration; MACE, major adverse cardiovascular event.