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Table 4 Multiple regression analysis with TOD and vascular structure and function parameters as dependent variables and CAVI as independent variable

From: Cardio-ankle vascular index is associated with cardiovascular target organ damage and vascular structure and function in patients with diabetes or metabolic syndrome, LOD-DIABETES study: a case series report

Dependent variable: β CI 95% p value
IMT average mean 0.29 0.09 to 0.48 <0.01
ABI 0.02 −0.002 to 0.04 0.08
cf-PWV 0.83 0.46 to 1.19 <0.01
ba-PWV 2.12 1.76 to 2.49 <0.01
CAIx 3.42 1.12 to 5.74 <0.01
PAIx 5.05 0.19 to 9.91 0.04
AVR −0.01 −0.03 to 0.01 0.38
  1. Dependent variable: IMT: Intima-Media Thickness of common carotid artery. ABI: Ankle Brachial Index. cf-PWV: carotid femoral Pulse Wave Velocity. ba-PWV: brachial ankle Pulse Wave Velocity. CAIx: Central Augmentation Index. PAIx: Peripheral Augmentation Index. AVR: ArterioVenous Ratio.
  2. Indepedent variable: CAVI: Cardio-Ankle Vascular Index.
  3. Adjusted by: Framingham D’Agostino cardiovascular risk score. Body mass index. Antihypertensive drugs. Lipid lowering drugs and antidiabetic drugs.