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Archived Comments for: Plasma levels of leptin, omentin, collagenous repeat-containing sequence of 26-kDa protein (CORS-26) and adiponectin before and after oral glucose uptake in slim adults

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  1. Corrigendum

    Christa Buechler, Internal Medicine I

    21 March 2012

    Fig. 1B on page 3:
    We meanwhile recognized that an error had occurred during preparation part of figure 1 (i.e. figure 1B). This error, however, had no effect on scientific content and conclusions. In figure 1B the lower immunoblot is an erroneously duplication of the lower panel of figure 2B. The original adiponectin immunoblot looks quite similar and shows that LMW adiponectin is not altered 2 h after oral glucose uptake. Original blot can not be posted here and can be send upon request.
    We deeply regret that these error occurred and are sorry for this inconvenience.

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