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Figure 1

From: Gene transfer of wild-type apoA-I and apoA-I Milano reduce atherosclerosis to a similar extent

Figure 1

a) Serum levels of human apoA-I as evaluated at designated time points over the course of the study. There was no significant cross-reaction between mouse and the human apoA-I. Human apoA-I levels were increased in the groups treated with the human wtApoA-I (* p < 0.01) and ApoA-IM (# p < 0.01) compared to control b) Western Blots of mouse serum obtained 14 days after gene transfer under reduced and non-reduced conditions. In contrast to animals treated with the wtApoA-I or GFP-control vector there was under non-reduced conditions an additional band detected in the samples of the ApoA-IM animals corresponding with an apoA-I dimer. c) RealTime PCR from liver RNA for murine and human ApoA-I mRNA levels. There was no significant difference in expression levels of murine ApoA-I. Human ApoA-I was only detected in treated animals without a difference in mRNA levels between animals receiving the wild type or the mutant ApoA-I.

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