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Figure 4

From: Arterial heparan sulfate is negatively associated with hyperglycemia and atherosclerosis in diabetic monkeys

Figure 4

Plot of the association of plasma glycated hemoglobin and heparan sulfate content in segments of thoracic aorta from control (A) and diabetic (B) monkeys. Glycated hemoglobin was measured in plasma isolated immediately prior to animal necropsy. HS was measured as percent of total GAG based on areas under the curves of stained GAG following agarose electrophoresis as shown in figure 2. HS mass was calculated from hexuronic acid values. Values used in the correlational analyses are the sum of GAG of guanidine extracted + non-guanidine extracted PG. Correlation coefficient and significance are shown. Y = -0.11X + 2.05. HS, heparan sulfate; dlt, delipidated tissue; gHb, glycated hemoglobin.

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