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Table 7 Regression analysis of risk factors for plaque progression concerning all participants

From: Insulin resistance predicts progression of de novo atherosclerotic plaques in patients with coronary heart disease: a one-year follow-up study

Variable OR value 95%CI p value
HOMA-IRI > 3.458 4.969 0.630-6.475 0.011
HbA1c 1.721 0.256-4.515 0.034
  1. Abbreviations: CI, confidence interval; HbA1c, glycosylated hemoglobin; HOMA-IRI, homeostasis model assessment insulin resistance index; hsCRP, high sensitive C - reactive protein; OR, odds ratio.
  2. Binomial regression analysis was performed across the entire study group. Regression model included both conventional and novel risk factors for coronary plaque progression such as age, sex, body mass index, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, follow-up urine microalbumin/creatinine, follow-up hsCRP, follow-up HbA1c, follow-up LDL. Change in OGTT was also included.