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Figure 1

From: Postchallenge responses of nitrotyrosine and TNF-alpha during 75-g oral glucose tolerance test are associated with the presence of coronary artery diseases in patients with prediabetes

Figure 1

The distributions of glucose tolerance (GT) and CAD status, as well as the PG response curve during 75 g-OGTT. (A) After 75 g OGTT, the proportions of IGT and T2DM are 34% and 24%, respectively. (B) Frequency distribution of GT status in the presence of CAD or among the clinical (1- to 3- vessels diseases) scores. Significantly higher percentages of AbnGT (IGT and/or T2DM) are associated with CAD by chi-square analysis (both P values < 0.05). The white, light grey and dark grey areas indicate the percentage of NGT, IGT and T2DM, respectively. (C) No significant differences in PG response curves between CAD and non-CAD patients in either NGT or AbnGT group during the entire course of 75 g-OGTT.

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