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Table 4 Multiple stepwise regression analysis showing variables independently associated with Gensini score

From: Cystatin C and asymptomatic coronary artery disease in patients with metabolic syndrome and normal glomerular filtration rate

Variables Beta Coefficients P 95% CI
Cystatin C 0.183 0.007 0.602-3.844
FPG 0.195 0.004 0.867-4.483
Fibrinogen 0.184 0.007 1.418-8.856
  1. FPG, fasting plasma glucose, CI, confidence interval.
  2. Variables included in the model are age, sex, BMI, smoking, hypertension, and diabetes and biochemical risk factors TC LDL-c, HDL-c, TG SBP, DBP, fibrinogen, FPG, eGFR and cystatin C.