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Table 2 Summary of the CCL7 in diabetes mellitus in this review article

From: CCL7 as a novel inflammatory mediator in cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, and kidney disease

Diabetes mellitus References
Type 1 diabetes CCL7 (T lymphocyte exosomes) ↑ Recruitment of immune cells↑/β-cell apoptosis ↑/Diastolic abnormality [51,52,53,54]
CCL7 (Islets cells) ↑ CXCL1, CXCL5, and CCL7 ↑ [55]
Type 2 diabetes CCL7 (Adipose tissue) ↑ Interferon regulatory factor 5 transcripts were positively associated with CCL7 [56, 57]
Neutrophil infiltration↑/Insulin resistance↑ [59,60,61]
Diabetes and ischemic stroke Serum CCL7 ↑ [58]