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Table 5 Clinical outcomes of the non-DM group and DM group

From: Effect of type 2 diabetes on coronary artery ectasia: smaller lesion diameter and shorter lesion length but similar adverse cardiovascular events

  Sample size MACE
Type of analysis DM2 group Non-DM group Event no. HRa (95% CI) P value
Univariable Cox regression 258 870 15 vs. 53 0.96 (0.54–1.71) 0.894
Multivariable Cox regressionb 258 870 15 vs. 53 0.89 (0.49–1.61) 0.706
  1. aHazard ratio derived from Cox regression model
  2. bMultivariable Cox regression adjusted variables including age, gender, BMI, hypertension, dyslipidemia, peripheral arterial disease, current smoker, acute MI, previous PCI, previous MI, family history of CAD, LVEF, eGFR, SYNTAX score, combined CAD, LM ectasia, LAD ectasia, LCX ectasia, RCA ectasia, medications at discharge, concomitant revascularization