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Table 1 The most commonly used plasma-based global fibrinolysis assays

From: Hypofibrinolysis in type 2 diabetes and its clinical implications: from mechanisms to pharmacological modulation

  Clot lysis time by Lisman (min) [17] Turbidity lysis time by Carter (s) [18] Clot lysis time by Pieters (min) [19] Clot lysis time in TEG (min) [20]
Reagents/material Plasma Plasma Plasma Whole blood
Coagulation trigger Tissue factor 6 pM Thrombin 0.03 NIH U/mL Thrombin 0.5 NIH U/mL Kaolin (tissue factor may be used additionally)
Calcium chloride 17 mM 7.5 mM 15 mM 2 M
Tissue plasminogen activator 56 ng/mL 83 ng/mL 18 ng/mL
Phospholipids 10 μM 10 μM
  1. The final concentration of a reagent was presented, TEG denotes thromboelastography