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Table 4 Evaluate the predictive power of models for ISR after successful DES-based PCI

From: Triglyceride-glucose index is associated with in-stent restenosis in patients with acute coronary syndrome after percutaneous coronary intervention with drug-eluting stents

  C-statistic P-value Pfor comparison Categorical NRI P-value IDI P-value
Established risk factors 0.659 (0.623 to 0.696) < 0.001 Ref   Ref   Ref
Established risk factors plus TyG index 0.675 (0.639 to 0.711) < 0.001 0.010 0.090 (0.037 to 0.142)  < 0.001 0.004(0.0002 to 0.008) 0.040
  1. ISR: in-stent restenosis; DES: drug-eluting stent; TyG index: triglyceride-glucose index; PCI: percutaneous coronary intervention; NRI: net reclassification improvement; IDI: integrated discrimination improvement