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Table 3 H-FABP levels in relation to cardiovascular events in patients with pre-DM and DM

From: Prognostic utility of heart-type fatty acid-binding protein in patients with stable coronary artery disease and impaired glucose metabolism: a cohort study

IGMHRs (95% CIs)
Unadjustedp valueAdjustedap value
 Tertile 1ReferenceReference
 Tertile 21.206 (0.762–1.908)0.4240.971 (0.556–1.234)0.728
 Tertile 31.864 (1.203–2.890)0.0051.335 (1.059–1.772)0.039
 Tertile 1ReferenceReference
 Tertile 21.142 (0.820–1.608)0.6281.012 (0.795–1.423)0.772
 Tertile 31.631 (1.161–2.362)0.0211.322 (1.035–1.730)0.040
  1. Italic values indicate statistical significance
  2. Pre-DM pre-diabetes mellitus, DM diabetes mellitus, H-FABP heart-type fatty acid-binding protein, HRs hazard ratios, CIs confidential intervals
  3. aAdjusted for age, gender, hypertension, dyslipidemia, body mass index, current smoking, family history of CAD and Gensini score, eGFR