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Table 3 Risk factors for atherosclerosis among individuals of European ancestry in the MCCD cohort

From: Polygenic risk for coronary heart disease acts through atherosclerosis in type 2 diabetes

 ORa for atherosclerosisOR 95% C.I.p value
Multivessel stenosis
 CHD PRS (per SD increase)1.651.25–2.204.9e–04
 Age (per year increase)1.031.00–1.063.8e–02
 Royal Victoria Hospitalb0.400.22–0.732.7e–03
Graded atherosclerosis severity
 CHD PRS (per SD increase)1.351.08–1.699.4e–03
 Age (per year increase)1.021.00–1.046.0e–02
 Royal Victoria Hospital0.390.23–0.642.2e–04
  1. aOdds ratio estimated by multivariate logistic regression, based on 310 individuals with a European ancestry
  2. bBeing recruited at the Royal Victoria Hospital