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Table 1 Characteristics of included studies

From: Effects of antidiabetic drugs on left ventricular function/dysfunction: a systematic review and network meta-analysis

StudyYearAgeMale%PatientsSample sizeTreatmentCountry
Al Ali et al. [15]201657.9 (11.4)80.5CVD237METNetherlands
Arturi et al. [16]201759.5 (9)70.0T2DM32GLP-1 agonist, DPP-4 inhibitorItaly
Bizino et al. [17]201960 (6)61.0T2DM49GLP-1 agonistNetherlands
Bonora et al. [18]201965.7 (5.9)66.7T2DM30SGLT-2 inhibitorItaly
Brenne et al. [19]201661.3 (11.0)79.3CVD173DPP-4 inhibitorAustria
Chen et al. [20]201766 (5)100.0T2DM + CVD23GLP-1 agonistNetherlands
Chen et al. [21]201658.0 (11.7)76.0T2DM + CVD90GLP-1 agonistChina
Chen et al. [22]201557.7 (11.3)67.0T2DM + CVD92GLP-1 agonistChina
Cohen et al. [23]201962.9 (6.8)58.8T2DM25SGLT-2 inhibitorAustralia
Ghazzi et al. [24]199754 (10.8)54.0T2DM154TZDs, SUUSA
Giles et al. [25]200864.2 (9.92)70.2T2DM + CVD518TZDs, SUUSA
Halbirk et al. [26]201061 (3)86.7CVD15GLP-1 agonistDenmark
Hiramatsu et al. [27]201870.5 (5.7)T2DM + CVD98GLP-1 agonist, DPP-4 inhibitorJapan
Hiramatsu et al. [28]201568.5 (9.4)86.7T2DM30GLP-1 agonistJapan
Jorgensen et al. [29]201757 (10) T2DM32GLP-1 agonistDenmark
Jorsal et al. [30]201765 (9.2)89.3T2DM + CVD241GLP-1 agonistDenmark
Kato et al. [12]201673.3 (6.6)60.0T2DM + CVD20DPP-4 inhibitorJapan
Kumarathurai et al. [31]201661.8 (7.6)79.0T2DM + CVD39GLP-1 agonistDenmark
Lambadiari et al. [32]201851 (12)66.7T2DM60GLP-1 agonist, METGreece
Lepore et al. [33]201658 (10)74.0CVD56GLP-1 agonistUSA
Leung et al. [34]201656 (6)56.0T2DM75DPP-4 inhibitorAustralia
Lips et al. [35]2017T2DM + CVD38GLP-1 agonistCzech Republic
Liu et al. [36]201758 (15)53.3T2DM120GLP-1 agonist, METChina
Margulies et al. [37]201662 (52–68)80.0T2DM + CVD300GLP-1 agonistUSA
Mcmurray et al. [38]201862.9 (8.5)77.3T2DM + CVD254DPP-4 inhibitorUK
Mohan et al. [39]201964.5 (8.9)84.0CVD63METUK
Naka et al. [40]201064.3 (8.1)36.0T2DM + CVD81TZDsGreece
Nielsen et al. [41]201966 (7)94.4CVD36GLP-1 agonistDenmark
Nikolaidis et al. [42]200458 (3)70.0T2DM + CVD21GLP-1 agonistUSA
Nogueira et al. [43]201457 (7)50T2DM29DPP-4 inhibitorBrazil
Nozue et al. [44]201668 (10)100.0T2DM + CVD15GLP-1 agonistJapan
Nystrom et al. [45]201761 (7.6)72.7T2DM + CVD62GLP-1 agonist, SUSweden
Oe et al. [46]201567.8 (10.5)50.0T2DM + CVD80DPP-4 inhibitorJapan
Otagaki et al. [47]201970 (54–72)71.0T2DM42SGLT-2 inhibitorJapan
Ozawa et al. [48]200967.6 (8.8)75.0T2DM + CVD54TZDJapan
Sardu et al. [49]201872 (7)71.5T2DM + CVD559GLP-1 agonistItaly
Scognamiglio et al. [50]200261 (7)73.7T2DM + CVD38SUItaly
Sokos et al. [51]200661 (4)58.3T2DM + CVD21GLP-1 agonistUSA
St John Sutton et al. [52]200256.1 (8.9)71.0T2DM203TZDs, SUUSA
Türkmen Kemal et al. [53]200755.92 (8.26)23.1T2DM46TZD, METTurkey
Van Der Meer et al. [54]200956.8 (1.0)T2DM78TZD, METNetherlands
Wägner et al. [10]201953.2 (9.7)41.7T2DM24GLP-1 agonistSpain
Wong et al. [55]201264 (8)90.0CVD61METUK
Woo et al. [56]201359.5 (13.2)89.0CVD58GLP-1 agonistKorea
Yamada et al. [57]201769 (8)69.1T2DM115DPP-4 inhibitorJapan
Yamamoto et al. [58]201771 (10)62.0T2DM + CVD158DPP-4 inhibitorJapan
Yokoyama et al. [59]200763 (10)84.0T2DM + CVD93TZDJapan
Zhang et al. [60]201759.1 (11.8)77.0CVD52GLP-1 agonistChina
Total studies [48]    4790  
  1. CVD cardiovascular disease, DPP-4 dipeptidyl peptidase-4; GLP-1 glucagon-like peptide-1, MET metformin, SGLT-2 sodium glucose cotransporter type 2, SU sulfonylurea, T2DM type 2 diabetes mellitus, TZDs thiazolidinediones