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Table 5 Multivariate analysis for determinant of macrophage accumulation distribution pattern

From: Macrophage accumulation within coronary arterial wall in diabetic patients with acute coronary syndrome: a study with in-vivo intravascular imaging modalities

Variables Odds ratio p value
Diabetes mellitus 0.086 0.033
Hyperuremia 0.278 0.338
HDL-C 0.993 0.853
Minimum fibrous cap thickness in low SS region 0.97 0.069
Normalized plaque volume in low SS region 0.086 0.777
Total normalized vessel volume 0.777 0.060
  1. The objective value of macrophage accumulation distribution pattern is calculated from [(macrophage accumulation density in high shear stress region) minus (macrophage accumulation density in low shear stress region)]/(accumulation density of macrophage in the whole region). SS, shear stress