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Table 1 Summary patient and study characteristics influencing the NNT value in GLP-1 RA and SGLT-2i CVOTs

From: Computing and interpreting the Number Needed to Treat for Cardiovascular Outcomes Trials

CVOTDrugPrimary outcomeAnnual placebo primary outcome rate
(N/100 patient-year)
Median follow-up (years)NNT (according to Altman & Andersen’s formula) with 95% CI
 LEADER [22]Liraglutide3P-MACE3.93.856 [33–243]
 SUSTAIN-6 [23]Semaglutide3P-MACE4.42.145 [28–235]
 HARMONY-Outcomes [24]Albiglutide3P-MACE5.91.653 [36–116]
 REWIND [25]Dulaglutide3P-MACE2.75.167 [38–803]
 EXSCEL [19]Exenatide3P-MACE4.03.2Not significant
 ELIXA [26]Lixisenatide4P-MACE6.32.1Not significant
 PIONEER-6 [27]Semaglutide (oral)3P-MACE3.71.3Not significant
 EMPAREG-Outcome [18]Empagliflozin3P-MACE4.43.163 [34–882]
 DECLARE-TIMI58 [28]DapagliflozinCV death or hospitalization for heart failure1.54.2104 [66–355]
3P-MACE2.44.2Not significant
 CANVAS [29]Canagliflozin3P-MACE3.152.4Not calculable*
  1. CVOT Cardiovascular Outcomes Trial, CV cardiovascular, 3P-MACE 3 points Major Adverse Cardiovascular Events
  2. *Required data for calculation were not available in the publication paper or supplementary appendix