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Table 2 Association between sleep disturbance and incidence of CVD and all-cause mortality

From: Association of sleep disturbance with risk of cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality in patients with new-onset type 2 diabetes: data from the Korean NHIS-HEALS

VariablesNEventsPerson-yearsThe incidence of CVD or mortality per 10,000 person-yearsHRa95% CIp-value
CVD events
 Sleep disturbance
CHD events
 Sleep disturbance
Stroke events
 Sleep disturbance
All-cause mortality
 Sleep disturbance
  1. HR: hazard ratio; CI: confidence interval; CVD: cardiovascular disease; CHD: coronary heart disease
  2. aHRs were estimated after adjusting for sex, age, BMI, BP, fasting glucose, total cholesterol, family history of diabetes, smoking, heavy alcohol drinking, physical activity, income level, area of residence, and comorbidities