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Table 6 Change in cardiovascular and diabetic drug therapy 1 year post scan based on having a normal or abnormal stress perfusion cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) examination

From: Cardiac magnetic resonance for asymptomatic patients with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular high risk (CATCH): a pilot study

 1 year change in medications 
Normal CMR (n = 36)Abnormal CMR (n = 27)p
 ACE inhibitor+1+30.80
 Calcium channel blockers−1+40.03*
Lipid-modifying agents
Anti-hyperglycaemic agents
 SGLT-2 inhibitor+2+30.64
 DDP-4 inhibitor+2−10.23
Anti-platelet agents
 Aspirin0+12< 0.001*
  1. Abnormal stress CMR was defined as having a stress perfusion defect and/or infarct
  2. ACE angiotension converting enzyme, ARB angiotensin receptor blocker, SGLT-2 sodium-glucose co-transport 2 inhibitor, DDP-4 dipeptidyl peptidase-4
  3. *p < 0.05