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Table 2 Association of clinical variables with annualized Δ√transformed CACS

From: Triglyceride glucose index is an independent predictor for the progression of coronary artery calcification in the absence of heavy coronary artery calcification at baseline

Age, pre-1 year increase0.0320.002< 0.001
Male0.2810.055< 0.001
Hypertension0.2550.037< 0.001
Diabetes0.3340.050< 0.001
Hyperlipidemia0.1680.037< 0.001
Current smoking0.1460.037< 0.001
Creatinine, per-1 mg/dL increase0.3570.1110.001
TyG index, per-1 increase0.0660.0310.036
Baseline CACS > 1000.2300.057< 0.001
  1. BMI body mass index, CACS coronary artery calcium score, TyG triglyceride glucose