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Table 5 Type 2 diabetes only—all-risk for atrial fibrillation by 1.0% (10 mmol/mol) of time updated mean HbA1c

From: Risk of atrial fibrillation in persons with type 2 diabetes and the excess risk in relation to glycaemic control and renal function: a Swedish cohort study

 P-valueHRLower 95% CIUpper 95% CI
 Model 1< 0.00011.0381.0291.048
 Model 2< 0.00011.0301.0211.039
 Model 3< 0.00011.0271.0171.037
 Model 3A< 0.00011.0100.9991.021
 Model 3B< 0.00011.0311.0181.043
 Model 3C< 0.00011.0231.0051.041
 Model 3D< 0.00011.0131.0021.025
 Model 1< 0.00011.0261.0141.038
 Model 20.00241.0191.0071.031
 Model 30.04431.0131.0001.027
 Model 3A0.46090.9950.9811.009
 Model 3B0.00701.0221.0061.037
 Model 3C0.15711.0170.9941.040
 Model 3D0.43200.9940.9801.009
 Model 1< 0.00011.0541.0391.068
 Model 2< 0.00011.0441.0301.059
 Model 3< 0.00011.0441.0281.060
 Model 3A0.00121.0291.0111.047
 Model 3B< 0.00011.0431.0231.063
 Model 3C0.02441.0331.0041.063
 Model 3D< 0.00011.0401.0221.058
  1. Model 1: adjusted for time-updated age
  2. Model 2: model 1 additionally adjusted for born in Sweden, education level, baseline comorbidities (coronary heart disease, heart failure, valve disease, stroke, cancer)
  3. Model 3: model 2 additionally adjusted for time-updated diabetes duration
  4. Model 3A: model 3 additionally adjusted for time-updated mean systolic blood pressure, time-updated mean body mass index, time updated smoking status, time-updated status about blood pressure lowering medication
  5. Model 3B: model 3 additionally adjusted for time-updated mean high-density lipoprotein, time-updated mean low density lipoprotein, time-updated status about lipid lowering medication
  6. Model 3C: Model 3 additionally adjusted for time-updated insulin method
  7. Model 3D: model 3 additionally adjusted for time-updated albuminuria categories