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Table 2 Echocardiographic data of obese adolescents

From: Impaired myocardial deformation and ventricular vascular coupling in obese adolescents with dysglycemia

 ONG (n = 25)ODG (n = 14)P value
LVM (5/6 AL)5010.41411.27NS
LVMI (m mode)66167121NS
MV E/A2.
Lateral E/e′6.21.756.41.3NS
Medial E/e′
  1. LVM (5/6AL) LV mass indexed to BSA using 5/6 area length measurement, LVMI (m mode) LV mass indexed to BSA, MV E/A E/A wave ratio, a diastolic index, LAVI left atrial volume indexed, lateral E/e′ ratio which is mitral valve inflow E wave to tissue Doppler inflow e′ of lateral mitral annulus and medial, E/e′ ratio which was ratio of mitral valve E wave to tissue Doppler inflow of medial mitral valve annulus