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Table 1 Baseline and anthroprometric characteristics of Obese adolescents and lean controls

From: Impaired myocardial deformation and ventricular vascular coupling in obese adolescents with dysglycemia

 ONG (n = 25)ODG (n = 14)Controls (n = 39)*P value
 Hispanic/Latin origin64% 57% 29% 
 Black/African American20% 35% 11% 
 Other (White/Asian/other race)16% 7% 60% 
 Age (years)161.915.91.615.81.9
 Male28% 64% 41% 
 Female72% 36% 59% 0.06
 Weight (kg)9323110.133.459.912.80.06
 Systolic* (mm/Hg)1136.6121.69.31075.50.003
 Diastolic (mm/Hg)648.6619.35970.41
 GL0 (mg/dl)808.7111.849.9NA 0.003
 Hba1c5. 0.001
  1. ONG obese normoglycemia group, ODG obese dysglycemia group, GL0 fasting glucose, * P values are t-test results between the ONG and ODG groups, BMI systolic and diastolic BP were adjusted for in multivariate logistic regression (Table 4)