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Table 3 Predicted consumption of calories from food and 10% glucose solution intake

From: GLP-1 analog liraglutide-induced cardiac dysfunction due to energetic starvation in heart failure with non-diabetic dilated cardiomyopathy

Consumption amount
Food without liraglutideFood amount (g)/day6.24 g
Food calorie (kcal)/day22.40 kcal
Food with high-dose liraglutideFood amount (g)/day6.78 g
Food calorie (kcal)/day24.34 kcal
Food without high-dose liraglutide and 10% glucose solutionFood amount (g)/day4.80 g
Food calorie (kcal)/day17.23 kcal
10% glucose solutionIntake volume (ml)/day17.47 ml
Intake glucose (g)/day1.75 g
Intake calorie (kcal)/day6.99 kcal
Total 24.22 kcal
  1. Food is a certified diet at 359 kcal/100 g