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Fig. 7 | Cardiovascular Diabetology

Fig. 7

From: GLP-1 analog liraglutide-induced cardiac dysfunction due to energetic starvation in heart failure with non-diabetic dilated cardiomyopathy

Fig. 7

Kaplan–Meier survival curve demonstrates 10% glucose administration attenuated mortality in J2N-K hamsters. The earlier lethality in this group than in HF group was not significant for the liraglutide treatment in this experiment. In contrast, 10% glucose addition saved the mortality of HF hamsters administered with PBS, low-dose, or high-dose liraglutide. Log-rank test, *p = 0.025, HF-H-G vs. HF groups; HF: n = 31; HF + high lira: n = 21; HF + low lira: n = 20; HF + high lira + G: n = 22

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