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Fig. 1

From: GLP-1 analog liraglutide-induced cardiac dysfunction due to energetic starvation in heart failure with non-diabetic dilated cardiomyopathy

Fig. 1

Representative image of hearts from J2N-n and J2N-k hamsters. a J2K hamsters, which present dilated cardiomyopathy, were implanted with Alzet 2006 osmotic pumps containing PBS (HF group), low-dose liraglutide (20 µg/kg/day, HF-L group), or high-dose liraglutide (100 µg/kg/day, HF-H group) at 31 weeks of age and sacrificed at 37 weeks of age. The cardiac enlargement at 37 weeks of age is shown for the high-dose liraglutide group. b Heart/body weight indicates severity of heart failure. Increased rate of heart/body weight was observed in HF-H group. *p > 0.05 vs. HF group

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