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Fig. 1

From: Short-term treatment with high dose liraglutide improves lipid and lipoprotein profile and changes hormonal mediators of lipid metabolism in obese patients with no overt type 2 diabetes mellitus: a randomized, placebo-controlled, cross-over, double-blind clinical trial

Fig. 1

sPLS-DA comparing absolute and delta changes between liraglutide and placebo treatment. a Score plot of component 1 and component 2 of absolute values of 250 parameters (lipids, fatty acids, lipoproteins, aminoacids, activins and follistatins) before and after treatment with placebo or liraglutide. Dark blue dots depict the subjects before starting placebo treatment and red dots before starting liraglutide treatment. Light blue dots show the subjects 6 months after placebo treatment and green dots 6 months after liraglutide treatment. Component 1 and 2 consisting of 20 of the 250 parameters can partially identify when the subjects have received liraglutide (green dots gathered at low right) from the other three conditions (placebo before and after treatment, leptin before treatment, i.e. no separation between dark, light blue and red dots). b Score plot of component 1 and component 2 for delta changes (before–after) during placebo (red dots) and during liraglutide treatment (green dots). Component 1, consisting of 10 variables can discriminate well between the two conditions. c The ten parameters composing component 1 included hormones, lipoproteins and lipids

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