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Fig. 5

From: Atrial fibrillation and its arrhythmogenesis associated with insulin resistance

Fig. 5

KN-93 suppressed atrial fibrillation (AF) induced by short pacing cycle length (PCL) in high-fat (HFa) and high-fructose/cholesterol (HFr) diet-fed rats. The figure shows representative optical membrane voltage (AP) and calcium transient (CaT), action potential duration at 80% repolarization (APD80), and CaT duration at 80% repolarization (CaTD80) maps of right atrial appendages (RAAs) in (A) one HFr diet-fed rat and (B) one HFa diet-fed rat at short PCLs before and after application of KN-93 (1 μM), respectively. Obvious calcium alternans and short runs of AF were noted in the RAAs of both HFr and HFa diet-fed rats at baseline under rapid pacing. After the application of KN-93 (1 μM), the calcium alternans and AF episode were eliminated under the same PCL. The pacing site (asterisk) was located at the upper edge of the RAA

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