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Fig. 5

From: Intrinsic calcification angle: a novel feature of the vulnerable coronary plaque in patients with type 2 diabetes: an optical coherence tomography study

Fig. 5

Variation of the ICA-induced stress in dependence of calcification depth and dimensions. In (a) more superficial calcifications cause a higher absolute peak cap stress (black line) and, more importantly, a higher stress concentration at 5 µm depth from the lumen (green line). These effects remain consistent analyzing PCS (b) and stress at 5 µm depth (c) in a range of ICAs varying from 20° to 70°. The stress exerted on the fibrous cap by a calcification with a small ICA is also inversely related to the dimensions of the calcification itself, which is consistent throughout the whole range of analyzed ICAs (d). Abbreviation as in Fig. 4

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