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Fig. 1

From: Class effect for SGLT-2 inhibitors: a tale of 9 drugs

Fig. 1

The class of SGLT-2 inhibitors with its founder phlorizin. Phlorizin-based analogs can be divided into O-glucoside analogs (the sugar group is bonded to another group via a glycoside bond, such the founder phlorizin and remogliflozin) or C-glucoside analogs (such as dapagliflozin and the many others); the latter have greater pharmacokinetic stability and selectivity for SGLT2. Inhibitor affinity is the result of a synergistic relationship between binding sites for sugar and the aglycone, with alterations in the sugar resulting in surprising differences in selectivity. All the nine SGLT-2 inhibitors showed in the figure are available in different parts of the world

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