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Table 3 Fine and Gray multiple regression to model incidence of cardiovascular events

From: Subclinical atherosclerosis burden predicts cardiovascular events in individuals with diabetes and chronic kidney disease

  CKD without diabetes CKD with diabetes
HR [95% CI] p-value HR [95% CI] p-value
Age 1.026 [1.003;1.049] 0.024
Baseline PL [sq] 1.862 [1.432;2.420] < 0.001 1.782 [1.393;2.278] < 0.001
25-OH vitamin D 0.963 [0.933;0.994] < 0.001
C-index (24 months) 78.88 71.82
C-index (48 months) 75.63 71.49
  1. The variables introduced to build the model were: gender, age in years, smoking, CKD stage, HDL cholesterol, 25-OH vitamin D and the square root of number of territories with plaque(s) at baseline, and glycated haemoglobin, oral treatment, and insulin treatment only for DM patients
  2. CKD chronic kidney disease, Baseline PL [sq] the square root of number of territories with plaque