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Fig. 1

From: Carotid ultrasound investigation as a prognostic tool for patients with diabetes mellitus

Fig. 1

Kaplan–Meier estimates of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality. During a median follow-up time of 11.81 years (IQR, 6.01–12.43) according to degree of carotid stenosis and prevalence of diabetes mellitus. Group 1 was defined by carotid narrowing of < 50% and without diabetes. Group 2 included patients with carotid narrowing ≥ 50% and without diabetes. Group 3 represented patients with carotid narrowing < 50% and diabetes, and group 4 patients with both carotid stenosis ≥ 50% and diabetes. Log-rank test was used for the overall comparison among groups. a Kaplan–Meier estimates of all-cause mortality. 549 (51.5%) all-cause deaths were recorded. b Kaplan–Meier estimates of cardiovascular mortality. 367 (34%) cardiovascular deaths were recorded

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