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Fig. 4

From: Association of haptoglobin phenotype with incident acute myocardial infarction in Chinese patients with type 2 diabetes

Fig. 4

Association of Hp phenotype with incident AMI. Data represents hazard ratio (HR) and 95% CI adjusted for traditional risk factors from SMART2D and DN cohort comparing non-Hp 2-2 (Hp 1-1 and Hp 2-1) phenotype with Hp 2-2 phenotype as reference. Model 1: adjusted for age, sex and smoking status. Model 2: Model 1 and further adjustment for diabetes duration, HbA1c, body mass index, SBP, HDL and LDL. Model 3: Model 2 and further adjustment for eGFR and uACR. Model 4: Model 3 and further adjustment for insulin and RAS antagonist usage. Hp haptoglobin, P het Cochran’s Q heterogeneity P-value. Bold values represent statistically significant data

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